Press Releases

July 4, 2018
ChroMedX Announces Results of Annual General Meeting and Name Change

June 20, 2018
ChroMedX Appoints Tom Glawdel as Chief Scientific Officer and HemoPalm Science Lead

June 19, 2018
ChroMedX Announces Expansion and Launch as Relay Medical Corp.

May 24, 2018
ChroMedX Acquires UX Data Sciences Corp.

May 9, 2018
ChroMedX Signs Deal to Acquire UX Data Sciences Corp.

May 8, 2018
ChroMedX Reports on HemoPalm Techno-Commercial Analysis and Productization Plan

April 13, 2018
ChroMedX Appoints Michaela Shaw as Director of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Assurance

March 27, 2018
ChroMedX CEO Lahav Gil Invited to Speak on Industry Panel at bioTEC, Biotechnology and Bioengineering Conference

March 21, 2018
ChroMedX Accelerates Software Development and Implementation Activities; Appoints iGAL Roytblat, Formerly of Kangaroo Group, as CTO, Amid Expansion

March 19, 2018
ChroMedX Appoints Raj Kailasanathan as Executive Vice President Corporate Finance

February 15, 2018
ChroMedX CEO Lahav Gil assembles task-force to explore feasibility and applications of Automated Ultrafiltration Technology

January 23, 2018
ChroMedX Appoints Dr. Richard Janeczko as Chief Commercial Officer; Jessica Kuhn as Chief Operations Officer

January 5, 2018
ChroMedX Corp. Expands Executive Team;  Lahav Gil Appointed CEO and Director

January 3, 2018
ChroMedX Corp. Executes Definitive Agreement with DxEconomix to Lead Value-Based Transactions

December 13, 2017
ChroMedX Announces Warrant Exercises

December 7, 2017
ChroMedX Strengthens Board of Directors with the Appointment of Dr. Richard Janeczko

December 1, 2017
ChroMedX Announces In-House Biosensor Manufacturing for Expedited Testing and Refinement; Appoints Edwards as Executive Chairman

November 24, 2017
ChroMedX Accepts Proposal; Signs LOI with Diagnostic Marketing Experts to Conduct a Value-Based Transaction for the HemoPalm Blood Analyzer System

November 20, 2017
ChroMedX Announces Private Placement Closing

November 13, 2017
ChroMedX appoints Ants Kahu & Associates to Implement Quality Management System

August 21, 2017
ChroMedX Retains DxEconomix for Commercialization Strategy

August 2, 2017
ChroMedX Announces Lab Expansion for Accelerated Testing and Development

July 31, 2017
ChroMedX Works Towards Third Version of HemoPalm Prototype Analyzer

June 19, 2017
ChroMedX Announces Closing of Private Placement

May 19, 2017
ChroMedX Completes HemoPalm System Prototype

May 16, 2017
ChroMedX Appoints Former Special Forces Officer Captain (Retd) Greg Falck to Advisory Board

May 8, 2017
ChroMedX Completes Receptor Component and Commences Packaging of HemoPalm Analyzer Prototype

April 24, 2017
ChroMedX Files Enhanced Patent on Cartridge Improvements; Extends Protection to 2037

April 18, 2017
ChroMedX Finalizes HemoPalm Analyzer 2.0 Design

April 12, 2017
ChroMedX Strengthens Advisory Board with New Appointments

April 10, 2017
ChroMedX Finalizes Cartridge For HemoPalm Prototype

April 6, 2017
ChroMedX Receives US Patent on Automated Ultra-Filtration System

February 2, 2017
ChroMedX Announces Closing of Private Placement

January 16, 2017
ChroMedX Provides 2016 Development Summary and Reports on Recent Warrant Exercise and Expiration

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