Lahav Gil, Chief Executive Officer

Lahav is the founder and former CEO of the Toronto based Kangaroo Group, which he built into a national brand and recently sold to Starfish Medical of Vancouver Island. He is passionate about meaning, loves Innovation Culture, Values-Based Leadership, transparency & awareness. 

Lahav has deep experience in Medtech product development and business. He has founded/co-founded 6 companies and has accompanied many Canadian start-ups on their journey from napkin to launch, critically contributing to their investability, clinical and market readiness. He has contributed to over 200 technology product launches and to game-changing innovations for companies such as: IMRIS, FIO, fSona, Cellaegis, XOR, Ultrasonix, Exact Imaging, Sciex, and others.

For almost 3 decades, he has been involved with tech-innovation, entrepreneurship, and start-up companies, starting in Israel’s bustling innovation climate of the 80's. During the late 90's Lahav integrated into the Canadian innovation scene, leading Industrial Design projects and corporate-wide iD strategy for Creo/Kodak in Vancouver, where he first got a taste of the crucial role of culture in business. In 2003 he founded Kangaroo Design, which he evolved into the Kangaroo Group (ISO 13485), a full-spectrum outsourcing platform for Medical Devices innovation, engineering, design, productization, RA submissions and contract manufacturing.

Under his leadership, Kangaroo supplied services, infrastructure, and incubation partnerships to Canadian Medtech startups and entrepreneurs for over 15 years. During this time, Lahav’s main focus was building Kangaroo as a platform alongside spin-ins, spin-outs & incubation-investments.