ChroMedX Technologies

ChroMedX Corp. has two platform technologies based on granted and pending patents.

The first platform "HemoPalm" provides a combination of full CO-oximetry and blood gases in one handheld analyzer. Up until the early 1990s, Laboratory blood gas analyzers and CO-oximeters were separate analyzers.  Currently, all Laboratory blood gas analyzers and CO-oximeters are integrated. ChroMedX intends to be the first company to integrate blood gases, electrolytes and CO-oximetry in one hand-held analyzer.

The second platform "AUF" provides a novel method of rapid sample preparation for measurement of free therapeutic drugs and hormones, using the existing immunoassays. In 1976 the first commercial immunoassay designed specifically to measure “Free” thyroid hormone became available. The availability of “Free” thyroid hormone measurement revolutionized the way thyroid disorders (occurs second to diabetes in endocrine disorders) are diagnosed and treated, and today it will be difficult to find a laboratory that measures “Total” thyroid hormone.  Development of immunoassays for “Free” therapeutic drugs and hormones are difficult and expensive. The ChroMedX alternative is to rapidly modify the sample in a disposable cartridge that can be presented to the existing immunoanalyzer.