ChroMedX Press Releases


ChroMedX Completes HemoPalm System Prototype
May 19, 2017

ChroMedX Appoints Former Special Forces Officer Captain (Retd) Greg Falck to Advisory Board
May 16, 2017

ChroMedX Completes Receptor Component and Commences Packaging of HemoPalm Analyzer Prototype
May 8, 2017

ChroMedX Files Enhanced Patent on Cartridge Improvements; Extends Protection to 2037
April 23, 2017

ChroMedX Finalizes HemoPalm Analyzer 2.0 Design
April 18, 2017

ChroMedX Strengthens Advisory Board with New Appointments
April 12, 2017

ChroMedX Finalizes Cartridge For HemoPalm Prototype
April 10, 2017

ChroMedX Receives US Patent on Automated Ultra-Filtration System
April 6, 2017

ChroMedX Announces Closing of Private Placement
February 2, 2017

ChroMedX Provides 2016 Development Summary and Reports on Recent Warrant Exercise and Expiration
January 16, 2017


ChroMedX Announces Closing of Private Placement
December 29, 2016

ChroMedX Collaboration with Biointerface Institute Receives OCE Grant
December 2/2016

ChroMedX Receives Computer Interface and CO-Oximetry Modules for Prototype Assembly
November 29/2016

ChroMedX Corp. Commences Biosensor Testing
November 25/2016

ChroMedX Files Global Patent Protection on HemoPalm Handheld Blood Analyzer System
November 22/2016

ChroMedX Appoints Ash Kaushal to Board of Directors
November 15/2016

ChroMedX Announces Closing of Private Placement
October 24/2016

ChroMedX Receives US Patent on Flagship HemoPalm Analyzer Technology
September 26/2016

ChroMedX Announces Appointment of Ash Kaushal as President and CEO
July 26/2016

ChroMedX Reports on Hemopalm Development
April 29/2016

ChroMedX Corp. Engages Conductive Technologies Inc. for Biosensor Development Programme
April 20/2016

ChroMedx Corp. Extends Expiry Date of Certain Warrants
February 22, 2016


ChroMedX Completes Proof-Of-Concept CO-Oximetry And Bilirubin Prototype Development
December 11, 2015

ChroMedX Engages Hochuen International Corp. for Improved Prototype Cartridge Production
December 8, 2015

ChroMedX Corp. Announces Closing of First Tranche of Private Placement
October 16, 2015

ChroMedX Corp. Awarded New United States Patent on Ultra Filtration Technology
October 14, 2015

ChroMedX Corp. Announces Private Placement of Units
October 9, 2015

ChroMedX Awarded Two New Patents on Ultra-Filtration Technology
September 30, 2015

ChroMedx Collaborates with Biointerface Institute and Receives Grant
September 16, 2015

ChroMedx Reports Testing of Key Hemopalm Prototype Cartridge
September 8, 2015

ChroMedX Announces Completion of HemoPalm Prototype Cartridge
September 4, 2015

September 2, 2015

ChroMedX Submits PCT Patent Application for HemoPalm(TM) Blood Analysis System
August 28, 2015

ChroMedX Corp. Announces OTCQB Listing
August 5, 2015

ChroMedX Corp. Closes Private Placement of Units
July 10, 2015

ChroMedX Announces Private Placement of Units
July 7, 2015

ChroMedX Welcomes Dr. Nick Smit to Biosensor Development Team
March 25, 2015

ChroMedX Appoints Dr. Robert Smyth to Technical Advisory Board
March 24, 2015

ChroMedX Collaborates with Microfluidic and Microfabrication Experts for HemoPalm Cartridge Development
March 23, 2015

ChroMedX Submits US Provisional Patent Application for Recently Developed Aspects of HemoPalm Blood Analysis System
March 10, 2015

ChroMedX Engages Biosensor Development Expert Stephen Cozzette
January 26, 2015

ChroMedX Exhibits And Presents At Cantech '15 In Toronto, Canada
January 13, 2015



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